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“Rajugari Gadi – 2” in Piccadilly Cinema

Big movie for small movie price to cheer more movie lovers, presenting Akkineni Nagarjuna Starrer “Rajugari Gadi-2”, Directed by Omkar.


Piccadilly Cinema
2 Green Lane Road, leicester LE5 3TH

Premiere Show:
Thursday 12th October @ 8PM
Regular Show:
Friday 13th october @ 8 PM
Saturday 14 October @ 6 PM
Sunday 15 October @ 3 PM


Sundar : 07453304345
Rajesh – 07713940878

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A Aa Movie Review

A_Aa_Telugu_movie_poster (1)

Caption:  Impress yourself not others!

Rating: 3.75 / 5

Zephyr: Story, Screenplay, Direction, Songs and Visuals / Cinematography

Brush off:

1) Few unconvincing graphics
2) Second heroine, Anupama Parameshwaran (one of the heroines from Premam movie), is misused

Ap2UK Rede:

Life –  a four lettered word that gives four births of experience. Society, Friends, Family and Relatives are four walls of life. If you succumb to the pressure of any one of these, you are sacrificing yourself. Guess what, if you are not happy, you can’t make anyone happy.

3vik has given a staunch message through this film about how one has to be cognizant about what they need and what they want. A NEED is being happy and a WANT is keeping others happy. Unless the need is fulfilled you will not elevate to want level. I loved the way he presented the logic in simple terms.

Story in a nutshell (spoiler alert):

Heroine: A mom-stricken daughter who has no say in her likes and dislikes. Heroine’s mom is a control freak rich woman; she’s full of prejudice and ignorant of her mistakes. Heroine’s dad is almost a hen-pecked husband ; lovable natured but always bends down and sacrifices his words and needs in front of his wife

Hero: Relative of heroine ; has enough of self-respect. Lives with mom and 2 sisters. Shortage of money is the big challenge for him

Movie is pretty much predictable. Hero and Heroine are relatives through Heroine mom’s maternal relations. Heroine goes to Hero’s village to live for 10 days. In those 10 days, she learns more about family and bonds and starts comparing how her life is with the parents. When she comes back, she realizes that she’s in love with the Hero.

Twist is both families are not in talking terms because of Heroine mom’s betrayal. Whether the Hero understands Heroine’s love? Do their families re-unite? Does Heroine’s mom apologizes to the other family? How serene is village life? Get your answers on big screen.

What worked well:

  1. Don’t think I have to talk about 3vik’s work explicitly, he did his best as usual
  2. Praveen, supporting actor (Hero’s friend), got a full length role and he did it with ease. I am happy for him ; other character artistes viz.,  Sri Avasarala, Rao Ramesh, Nadiya, and Naresh were apt in their roles
  3. Good background score and songs and visuals were also good
  4. Samantha scored brownie points this time (not a routine character) ; Nitin looked good


I don’t know if it’s based on Meena movie or Yaddanapudi’s novel, but as long as you are in the theatre, you are just watching another masterpiece from 3vik. Respect to the author and the earlier makers!

You can watch the movie, once, without any hesitations!

A. Aa Movie UK Schedule



Note: This movie is not releasing in any box office cineworld across UK

Place/Theatre Show Details Contact Details
BOLYEN Cinemas,

7-11 Barking Rd,

London – E6 1PW

Wednesday 1st June 8pm & 10pm

(Premier Shows)

Thursday 2nd June 7:30pm
Friday 3rd June 9:30pm
Saturday 4th June 5pm
Sunday 5th June 5pm
Boleyn: 02084714884

Nitin: 07470371757

Sasi: 07557514243

Suresh: 07557797774

SAFARI Cinemas,

Station Road
Harrow – HA1 2TU

Wednesday 1st June 8:30pm

(Premier Show)

Thursday 2nd June 8:30pm
Friday 3rd June 8:30pm
Saturday 4th June 1:30pm
Sunday 5th June 1:30pm
Kalyan: 07511520789

Amar: 07712471233

Shoban: 07411983553

Picadilly Cinemas


372, Stratford Road


B11 4AB

Wednesday 1st June 8pm & 9pm

(Premier Shows)

Thursday 2nd June 8:30pm
Friday 3rd June 8:30pm
Saturday 4th June 5pm
Sunday 5th June 4:30pm
Theatre: 01217710421

Karthik: 07440537373

Mani: 07768706725

Suresh: 07557797774



Suresh: 07557797774
Picadilly Cinema,
2 Green Lane Road




Wednesday 1st June 8:30pm

(Premier Show)

Thursday 9th July 8:30pm
Saturday 11th July 12pm, 6pm
Sunday 12th July 3pm
Theatre: 0116 251 8880

Suresh: 07557797774



Suresh: 07557797774


Suresh: 07557797774


Bhopal: 07850875557

Dominion Cinema

Newbattle Terrace, Edinburgh EH10 4RJ

4th June Saturday @ 10:15AM

Uday 07891381203

Niranjan: 07542457373



Grosvenor Cinema

Ashton Ln,

Glasgow G12 8SJ

5th June Sunday @ 11:00AM

Zakir;- 07525269703

Naresh:- 07703101516




Uday 07891381203
New Castle


Suresh: 07557797774

Odyssey Cinemas

2 Queens Way

Belfast-BT3 9QQ

Saturday 4th June – 11am

Sunday 5th June – 11am

Dinesh – 07858372851

Note: This movie is not releasing in any box office cineworld across UK