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NWTS – Sankranthi Celebrations 2018

Dear members,

NWTS take great pleasure in inviting you for a very important occasion on 13th January 2018 to celebrate the annual SANKRANTI event. As you know, this is a momentous event and it would mean so much to us if you could be there to help and support this annual event. You have always been so steadfast in your support and wouldn’t happen without your presence.

We request all the families to come forward and together to encourage your kids to participate in the performances and activities to be involved in this religions festival.

Please block your calendar for Saturday 13th January from noon to late evening.
We are working on this event to provide you more details as soon as possible.

NWTS (North West Telugu Sangam)
Humble request by NWTS (UK)

Dear All,
NWTS (UK) is writing to you with a humble request for financial help. Mr. Manohar TATA from Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh is currently residing in Cheetham Hill with his wife and a 2-year old child. His parents have come to the UK two months ago with fondest hopes to spend some quality time with his family. However, sadly, his father passed away on Tuesday, 29th November 2016 due to an unexplained health complication after being hospitalised for 3 days. We are seeking your financial help and kindness to help the family in this time of need. The hospital expenses incurred, transportation of the deceased and other formalities to be cleared to take Sri RamanaMurthy TATA to Visakhapatnam are adding up to approximately £18k or more.
We hope you will come forward to help the family during this difficult time. Kindly transfer your donations to the below account by 2nd December 2016. Please use “Donation_<>” as the payment reference.
Please contact any of the NWTS (UK) committee members for more information.
Sincere thanks to you from NWTS (UK) in anticipation of your help.

Bank Details:
Account Holder’s Name: Manohar Tata
Sort Code: 40-31-28
Account Number: 91476955
Bank Name: HSBC