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Express Raja Movie UK Schedule


Following on from the smash success of ‘Venkatadri Express’, director Merlapeka Gandhi now brings us ‘Express Raja’, a fast-paced action comedy – with a love story as well, of course. Acclaimed stars Surabhi and Sharwanad play the romantic leads, with support from Harish Uthaman and Brahmaji. Praveen Lakkaraju composed the infectiously enjoyable musical numbers.

Directed by Merlapaka Gandhi
Starring Sharwanand, Surabhi, Sapthagiri, Brahmaji, Posani and many more comedians
Music by Praveen Lakkaraju
Movie Schedule
Cinema Date Time Price

Boleyn Cinemas London E6 1PW 14th-January-2016 9.30 PM £12
Boleyn Cinemas London E6 1PW 16th-January-2016 2.30 PM £12
Safari Cinemas Harrow HA1 2TU 14th-January-2016 8 PM £12
Safari Cinemas Harrow HA1 2TU 15th-January-2016 8 PM £12
Safari Cinemas Harrow HA1 2TU 17th-January-2016 1.30 PM £12
ODEON Lee-valley London 16th-January-2016
ODEON Lee-valley London 17th-January-2016
ODEON Kingston London 16th-January-2016
ODEON Kingston London 17th-January-2016
ODEON Belfast 16th-January-2016
ODEON Belfast 17th-January-2016
ODEON Birmingham 16th-January-2016
ODEON Birmingham 17th-January-2016
ODEON Bristol 16th-January-2016
ODEON Bristol 17th-January-2016
ODEON Blackpool 16th-January-2016
ODEON Blackpool 17th-January-2016
ODEON Cardiff 16th-January-2016
ODEON Cardiff 17th-January-2016
ODEON Dundee 16th-January-2016
ODEON Dundee 17th-January-2016
ODEON Edinburgh 16th-January-2016
ODEON Edinburgh 17th-January-2016
ODEON Glasgow 16th-January-2016
ODEON Glasgow 17th-January-2016
ODEON Leeds-Bradford 14th-January-2016
ODEON Leeds-Bradford 16th-January-2016

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